Blue Light Spectacle

Blue Light Spectacle

“The Sentence has no end. Sometimes I think it had no beginning. [...] You have made a wild, precious, awful, delicious, lovable, tragic, vulgar, fearsome, divine thing.” – Douglas Davis, 2000


Blue light of glowing screens overwhelmed the world. It surrounds everything within its reach. The world is flooded with blue light. SPECTACULAR FLOOD OF LIGHT AND WORLD IN BLUE

Where to start? When is the right time to enter the spiderweb of resources of ubiquitous light – NOW... NOW... NOW... ? Everyday Zen – is life in eternal present B(LUE)RIGHT as with Dory (Blue tang), the fish friend of Nemo, lost in NOW... NOW... NOW...?

Guy Debord described the spiderweb of blue glowing screens as an INTEGRATED SPECTACLE, where the eternal present – blue emitted NOW – permanently illuminated stage, where all the affairs and events are displayed at the same time – NOW reigns.

Under the pretext of never ending innovation, the spiderweb of blue lights expands to all directions. It disappears from our sight, too gigantic and too miniature at the same time, for us it is INVISIBLE, INCOMPREHENSIBLE, PERVASIVE, OMNIPRESENT, DIVINE.

The web spreading around the entire world (WORLD WIDE WEB) reveals itself in blue glowing screens of all sizes – desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and watches – these CONSTELLATIONS keep us in PERMANENT INATTENTION.

Meanwhile, in the shadow with its darkness directly proportional to the glow of screens, processes under the mode of GENERAL CONFIDENTIALITY – permanently updated status quo of POST-DIGITAL REVOLUTION – are taking place. EVIL MEDIA!!!

However, the question may be different: how to break free from this spiderweb? Where is the PLACE, from where you can get the look on the BLUE LIGHT – ETERNAL, ALL-ENCOMPASSING – NOW.


The patronizing illusion of the owners of critical mind, that there is a PLACE inside the spider web of resources of blue light, from where it is possible to take objective records of examined phenomenon was undermined.

If there is nothing else beyond the INTEGRATED SPECTACLE OF BLUE LIGHT AND WORLD, it is important to abandon the imaginary seat at the tribune, get down into the arena and face to face fight using all knowledge, experience and instincts so that the opponent will show all its nature, its strengths and weaknesses, its declared skills and secret weapons, too.

Matthew Fuller suggests using the strategy of remediation (translation from one medium to another) so that the examined system will be provoked to develop self-reflection (interrogability).


I follow his instructions: I am exposing myself to the blue light glowing from the computer screen and in its translation I am searching for the MEANING OF BLUE LIGHT.

Research method:

Translation from one linguistic system into another.


a) Google translator, translation into all provided languages in alphabetical order proposed by this application by default;
b) Translatr, simultaneous translation into all languages of proposed applications.


blou lig
drita blu
ሰማያዊ መብራት (semayawī mebirati)
blue light
الضوء الأزرق (aldaw' al'azraq)
կապույտ լույս (kapuyt luys)
mavi işıq
အြပာေရာင်အလင်း (aapyaarraung aalainn)
argi urdin
сіняе святло (siniaje sviatlo)
নীল আেলা (Nīla ālō)
plavo svjetlo
синя светлина (sinya svetlina)
asul nga kahayag
modré světlo
kuwala kwamtambo
藍光 (Lánguāng)
blå lys

Afrikaans: blou lig
Arabic: ضوء أزرق
Azerbaijani: mavi işıq
Belarusian: сіняе святло
Bulgarian: синя светлина
Bengali: নীল আেলা
Bosnian: plavo svjetlo
Catalan: llum blava
Cebuano: asul nga kahayag
Czech: modré světlo
Welsh: golau glas
Danish: blåt lys
German: blaues Licht
Greek: μπλε φως
English: blue light
Esperanto: blue light
Spanish: luz azul
Estonian: sinine valgus
Basque: argi urdin
Persian: نور آبی
Finnish: sininen valo
French: lumière bleue
Irish: solas gorm
Galician: luz azul
Gujarati: વાદળ કાશ
Hausa: launin shuɗi
Hindi: नील बी
Hmong: blue light
Croatian: plavo svjetlo
Haitian Creole: limyè ble
Hungarian: kék fény
Armenian: կապույտ լույս
Indonesian: cahaya biru
Igbo: acha anụnụ anụnụ
Icelandic: blátt ljós
Italian: luce blu
Hebrew: אור כחול
Japanese: 青色光
Javanese: cahya biru
Georgian: ლურჯი ნათება
Kazakh: көк жарық
Khmer: ពនពឺ ណ៌ៀវ
Kannada: ೕ ೆಳಕು
Korean: 푸른 빛
Latin: blue light
Lao: ແສງສີຟ້າ
Lithuanian: mėlyna šviesa
Latvian: zila gaisma
Malagasy: hazavana manga
Maori: kikorangi kikorangi
Macedonian: сина светлина
Malayalam: നീല െവളിം
Mongolian: цэнхэр гэрэл
Marathi: नळा काश
Malay: cahaya biru
Maltese: dawl blu
Myanmar (Burmese): အြပာအလင်း
Nepali: नलो बी
Dutch: blauw licht
Norwegian: blålys
Chichewa: kuwala kwamtambo
Punjabi: ਨੀਲੀ ਰੋਨੀ
Polish: niebieskie światło
Portuguese: luz azul
Romanian: lumină albastră
Russian: синий свет
Sinhala: නිල් ආෙලකෙ
Slovak: modré svetlo
Slovenian: modra svetloba
Somali: iftiin buluug ah
Albanian: drita blu
Serbian: плаво светло
Sesotho: khanya e putsoa
Sundanese: lampu biru
Swedish: blåljus Swahili: taa ya bluu
Tamil: நல ஒள
Telugu: ాం
Tajik: нури кабуд
Thai: แสงสฟี ้า
Filipino: asul na ilaw
Turkish: Mavi ışık
Ukrainian: синє світло
Urdu: نیلی روشنی
Uzbek: ko'k chiroq
Vietnamese: đèn xanh
Yiddish: בלוי ליכט
Yoruba: ina bulu
Chinese: 蓝光
Chinese (Simplified): 蓝光
Chinese (Traditional): 藍光
Zulu: ukukhanya okuluhlaza okwesibhakabhaka


Mechanic translation formed laboratory conditions – an isolated phenomenon was aseptically translated from one language into another. In a tight loop of mutually mirroring of the words, in metamorphosis of the form, the meaning of BLUE LIGHT pupates as a cocoon of blueish butterfly.

Interlude / Entr’acte

Namaluj mi modré světlo, prosím. /Make me my own blue light, please.

Blue Light Spectacle
Liquid Crystals RGB series / Ultramarin Extra Blue / 150 kg pigment, RGB light, notebook, 2017


I am sitting in front of the computer, again, hoping that I will push it to the confession. I am typing the questions into the browser window and taking notes from what this blue glowing machine says about blue glowing machines.

Research method:

Asking the system, what this system is, in order to develop its self-reflection (interrogability).


Google translator


I am entering phrases BLUE LIGHT and BLUE LIGHT DEVICES. Step by step I go through answers in proposed categories: All, Pictures, News, Videos, Books. I go through the flood of words illustrated with photographs with a blue filter.
An avalanche of repeating information as protective shield – an effective strategy of diverting my attention.


Devices emitting blue light cause...


Cancellation of cyclic experience of the day caused by blue light imitating never-ending morning. Sleeplessness is not only another definition of wakefulness . It is the opposite: it means stagnancy in time – somewhere between sleep and wakes – symptoms similar to intoxication.


The blue glowing screen becomes the focal point. All around is in the shadow of our attention. Hypnotic condition – fascination – eyes as a platform with blue light penetrating directly into our minds.

Every other article turns out to be an advertisement. Operators staring at the blue glowing screen without proper sleep are offered guaranteed protective glasses by door-to-door salesmen. Unlike the sunglasses, their glasses are clear or yellow, as those that help you see better... in FOG.


I add BLUE LIGHT to the list of hybrids, that was created by modern society and science. I compose its form as a patchwork – from exact definitions by physicists, statistical data by sociologists, ambivalent articles by the ophthalmologists and psychotherapists, alarming messages of sensationalist popularizers and glasses sellers.


The constellation of blue lights glows into the day and night. Chamber music according to Vilém Flusser? No. It is a PLANETARY LIGHT SHOW. Illuminated screens create a constellation of blue lights – star sky that never sets down nor rise. We created an art piece that cannot be displayed in a gallery and has no audience. But affects everyone, who connects.

An artificial creature that got out of the order of human creations. It is invisible for the human sight – pure flow of signal, that penetrates through the retina of the eye directly into the HEAD. – Exactly in a way, that was predicted by Vilém Flusser in his fable on THE ART OF FUTURE, that will get independent of matter as medium and senses as satellites of aesthetic experience and will become pure information able to transform the mind of the recipient. MINDFUCK.

“The Sentence has no end. Sometimes I think it had no beginning. [...] You have made a wild, precious, awful, delicious, lovable, tragic, vulgar, fearsome, divine thing.” – Douglas Davis, 2000

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